18 Canadian masters programs in public health

Deciding to pursue higher education is exciting and the possibilities are endless in Canada. Considering you are on this website, we will assume that you are interested in the field of Public Health. Once you have decided the area of study to pursue, and the degree you want to obtain, choosing the right school is equally important.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree (or an MSc in Public Health) is offered at a number of universities across Canada. We at PH Spot know how difficult it is to compare all of the programs available and then to decide the top ones you want to apply to (been there, done that)!

We did the initial research for you and have provided you with a handy dandy downloadable excel file for you to add your own notes.

Our advice to you is:

  1. Narrow down the list of programs based on attributes (e.g. practicum length, location of university, cost) that are important to you.
  2. Chat with at least one alumni from each program (we have a few blogs from students of the program so be sure to read their thoughts) to understand what it’s like to be a student there.
  3. Use the downloadable tool to add additional columns (even rows, if you are considering international schools or other programs) and track everything you discover about the program

IMPORTANT: The information in the table is current as of January 2017 and does not include everything you need to know. Information on key dates and tuition were based on estimates of past years. Be sure to visit each university website to read current details.

Good luck on applications!

Download Research Tool

This tool compares 18 Masters programs across 9 different variables. This is the tool you need to start with your Master’s program research.


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