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Thank you to everyone who trusted me to build this course and jumped on board. We sold out of the limited number of courses within the first two days of launching. For everyone else who wasn’t able to grab a pre-sale package, do not worry.

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Why I am building this course

Hi, my name is Sujani Siva, and I am the founder of PH SPOT.

For over 5 years, I have been designing infographics, and have seen first hand its effectiveness in disseminating key messages to different audiences. That being said, I had to learn A LOT of stuff on my own…about design principles, visualization techniques, colour palettes, and font pairing (to name a few). Once I learned these concepts, I had to then apply them to public health.

I rarely found the right resources or courses geared specifically for a public health audience.
As you can imagine, this was frustrating.

Although “design principles” and “font pairing” are the essentially the same concept regardless of content area, having examples and case studies relevant to public health could have made it a little bit easier for me. And let’s face it, when a course is not relatable, we become disengaged.

Over the years I began introducing these theories and concepts to colleagues and friends, and saw first-hand how easily they jumped into designing their own infographics with confidence! That’s when I knew that I could add value by leveraging the PH SPOT platform.

And, last year I began to think about how I could best share the lessons I’ve learned because I figured if it was frustrating for me (someone who enjoys and understands graphic design because of my personal interest) it must be frustrating for others in public health. Ultimately, I landed on designing a self-paced course which would include a comprehensive guidebook, videos, templates, and one-page summaries to have on the side of your desk.

With the Infographics 101 for public health course, my goal is to give you the confidence to create public health infographics like a pro!

Fun fact: When I was younger, I wanted to be a graphic designer, but things didn’t go as planned, so I found myself in public health. Infographics have married my interest in public health and graphic design 🙂

Ok, I’m convinced and ready to pre-order!

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Here’s what’s included

This course outline was designed with input from you.

Last month, we asked you to share your ideas for an infographics course via a survey. We received 55 wonderful responses and created this outline based on your feedback!

  • Learn basic design principles/theory to understand why things work the way they do.
  • More specifically, you will be introduced to some fundamentals of designing, including font, colour, layout, audience, language, and formatting.

This section will focus more on infographics and what they are. Topics will include:

  • Elements of an infographic (i.e. title, body, references, logo)
  • The different types of infographics
  • Layouts and alignments
  • Good & bad (public health) examples
  • A quick overview of the process of designing an infographic

Although all infographics are not based on numbers/data, it’s probably one type of infographic that needs a bit of attention. Topics will include:

  • Selecting data
  • Visualizing data
  • Using graphs versus charts (when to use what)
  • How to make graphs and charts that match with the design of your infographic (also includes: modifying excel graphs to make them prettier)

This is my favourite section because I will be introducing you to the unlimited list of tools you have when designing infographics. Topics will include, tools that you can use for:

  • pairing (fonts, colours)
  • designing graphs
  • designing an infographic from a pre-existing layout
  • copyright free images/icons
  • and more

You will also see my top list of tools.

I will walk you through designing an infographic. In addition to the design aspect, we will also discuss the process of

  • defining an objective, and
  • identifying your audience

Once we finish looking at the process of designing an infographic, it will be your turn. You’ll pop open a software, and walk through making your first infographic with me. This will include step-by-step guidance, don’t worry I will literally hold your hand through each step. We will replicate an existing infographic together so that you can see how easy it is! We will use Powerpoint and a web-based application. We will do this twice so that you can get the hang of it!

To wrap it up, we will discuss a few additional important topics:

  • Assuring you are representing good public health evidence when working with stripped down data
  • Revealing the essence of the message without losing accuracy in the data
  • Privacy/confidentiality (when using online web tools and internal data)

Here are a few other things I couldn’t help but include.

  • All of the important concepts found in the coursebook, will be available as 1-pager quick guides. Some of these include:
    • Design techniques/fundamentals
    • the different purpose for each graph/chart type
  • A guide on how to use powerpoint to design infographics (this is especially useful if you work with confidential data that shouldn’t be stored on web-based applications)
  • Powerpoint templates for infographics (where I have done the layout for you). Include, but not limited to:
    • Timeline infographic (this one is easy to start with)
    • Abstract poster

Perks of pre-ordering

  • You will have the opportunity to provide input on this outline (yes, you and I can actually have a conversation about the course content).

  • You will receive beta versions of the course as it is being built – and I will be open to your feedback.

  • 110% guarantee – not only do you get your money back if you are not satisfied, I will personally schedule a call with you to understand why you were not satisfied.

  • And best of all, the price of this course will never be this low (75% off of the regular price). This is only being offered to subscribers of the PH SPOT mailing list who are willing to put the trust in me to build this course.


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You have questions, we have answers

“Infographics (information graphics) are visual representations of data, information or knowledge that tell a story through visual communication.” (CDC, 2016)

Infographics can be a powerful tool to communicate research findings, educating populations, or sharing information with stakeholders in a concise and effective manner. The popularity of displaying information via infographics has been increasing in recent years within the public health field. Here are some examples developed by the WHOECDCCDC, and PHAC.

As much as I believe there is value in public health professionals having the skills and confidence to design infographics in order to disseminate their work, I am also not entirely 100% sure that YOU actually want/need this course (I just need to see a handful of pre-sales, and I will start building). By pre-selling, it gives me some indication that it is worthwhile for me to spend time and create this product. Otherwise, I can use this time to create other valuable products, blogs, and tools for you.

The course will be built over the summer and the final version sent to you in September of 2018. As we mentioned in the perks of pre-ordering section, you will also be receiving beta versions. By providing you access to beta versions, we are hoping that not only do you provide us with feedback, but also jump right into designing infographics over the summer.

I am only looking for a handful of interested people who are willing to pre-book the course. In the case I don’t feel there is enough interest, I will refund 100% of your money back.

If you do not want to pay using PayPal, send us an email, and we can work out a different method.

We’d be happy to answer them. Contact us here.

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