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Learning from your own experiences

Working in Public Health is full of opportunities to touch many lives. While it is most important to have sound technical knowledge on the subject that you are working in, it is equally essential to [...]

New beginnings

When I chose to pursue a master’s, I needed a program that would allow me to study while working full-time.  Lakehead University’s Master of Public Health offers this flexibility.  Studying and working full-time required a [...]

The full moon night and ride up the hill

“Mam, this is an urgent call from a health post few hours from where your team has set up the camp”, the very hasty voice on the call made me a little worried. It was [...]

Falling into Public Health

In the UK, a specialist public health practice is a medical discipline, where you join a parallel specialist register. You can train also train as a consultant in public health, from a non-medical background. However, [...]

How finding vision gave me inspiration

Stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming a part-time optician during college opened my eyes to the vision needs of those living in my home state of Wisconsin and the many opportunities available in [...]

All I want is power

One of the tasks required in preparation of completing my Master of Public Health practicum placement is selecting values I have for my life and career - I selected “power”. The choice of power as [...]